After Stem Cell Therapy She Had Complications

Kanika young girl from Haryana, India had Retinitis Pigmentosa, she had problems but even then she was maintaining enough vision had practically independence for the daily routine activities and was a student at a local college.

She was going routinely to the RP Centre of Ophthalmic Sciences for routine check up and was advised stem cell therapy during routine visit.

However soon after going through the Stem cell treatment she noticed further diminishing of vision with new complications as watering from the eyes, glare in sunlight so much so that she had to use dark glasses for that, when contacted the treating unit she was told that in 10% cases such complications occur.

When she came here for treatment she had very low vision with she was able to read N-36 letters, unable to recognize faces of family members inside house and unable to move on the road without help.

She was investigated as per treatment protocol observed here, and diagnosed on the lines of traditional as well as Modern Medicine.

Treatment started and she felt improvement on very first sitting after a full course she is able to read N/10 letters in near vision chart, she now reads novels to pass her time. She practically feels 90% improvement in sun glare and free to move only hindrance in the very lower field near feet.