Brother And Sister From Tamilnadu, India Express Their Experiances

I am Chakravarthy, brother of Suganya from Tamil Nadu, India. I am now 27 years old and was diagnosed as a patient of Retinitis Pigmentosa about 5 years back.

While surfing the Internet, I learnt about Acupuncture India Centre and Dr Ved Prakash Banga. I was given to understand by the practitioners of Modern Medicine that this ailment is incurable. Naturally, we had lot of reservations. Nevertheless, we mustered the courage and decided to opt for this technique. I attended this center along with my sister after fixing an appointment.

Today, I am proud to acknowledge that after completion of one course of 12 sittings, my decision to come here was right.

The most notable change I experience in my day-to-day activities is that now I am 100% confident in walking through busy places although I came here assisted by my other family members. Within 4-5 days of treatment, I am now able to travel alone in Delhi Metro and other such places, which was earlier un-imaginable. This has also boosted my confidence because earlier I always had a fear of colliding with other persons, particularly in crowded areas. This change could be made possible due to the untiring and committed efforts of Dr Ved Prakash Banga. Not only has my visual field improved but there has also been a 25% improvement in my night vision, I am thoroughly satisfied with this level of results.

I wish the Centre and Dr Banga best of luck and good wishes for future.





Suganya Writes
I am Suganya, 27 years of age hailing from Tamil Nadu state of India. I was diagnosed as a patient of Retinitis Pigmentosa at an early age of 12 years. Ever since, my vision has been deteriorating. After surfing the Internet I learnt about Acupuncture India Centre and visited it in the month of Feb 2010 along with my brother.

Prior to my reporting at the Centre, I was facing many difficulties like not being able to move freely and even not being able to do my day-to-day activities independently. Besides, I suffered from very low night vision. During the daytime also a glare would cause huge discomfort to my eyes.

Soon after the first sitting at Acupuncture India Centre I felt improvement in my vision. On completion of one course comprising of 12 sittings I am a changed person now and feel an increase by around 400% in my visual field as compared to that prior to the treatment.

Besides, I also experience significant improvement in adjusting to glare during the daytime. The improvement in night vision of about 25% is also praise-worthy.

Not only me but my family members also are experiencing distinctive positive improvement in the performance of my day-to-day activities.

I would not be exaggerating by saying that I have literally got back my vision, which existed about 7 years back. I am really indebted to Dr Ved Prakash Banga for his pioneering work in the field of treatment of the incurable Retinitis Pigmentosa.