About Our Technique

The science of Acupuncture and its description of life and disease is totally in une with Nature. This system sees the human body as an integral part of Nature in a practical way. There exist treatment points for eye ailments in this system.

Our Indian heritage of Vedic wisdom also gives us an insight into parapsychological aspects of sense organs, including the eyes.

Modern Medicine tells us in minute detail about the chemical nutrition, anatomy and physiology of the eyes. This vast knowledge is the result of application of the analytical mind by various well known contributors worldwide. In contrast to this, understanding and knowledge about the eyes coming from vedic literature has been discovered by unknown monks during their journey into the inner self in the yogic state of mind.

Both acupuncture and vedic understanding see the eyes as, on one hand, a continuously interacting organ with other organs of the body, and on the other hand, also interacting with the different cosmic energies of environment. In other words, the eye is not an isolated stand alone organ.

Here at this centre we have developed a technique to treat blindness caused by retinal/macular degeneration, by harmoniously combining the knowledge acquired from acupuncture, vedic literature, modern medicine and other folk healing methods. However, the basic treatment plan is by Acupuncture.

The success of this method of treatment can be judged from the fact that Poonam a 28- years- old totally blind girl with flat retina since 1997 is now able to see. We have records confirming this from the Dr. Rajindra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences at the AIIMS, New Delhi, which is one of the most renowned centres for eye ailments in south-east Asia.

Modern medicine with itsvast analytical knowledge has definitely helped in preserving the Vision of millions and its contribution to humankind cannot be undermined.

Traditional medicine perceives the eye not only as a distinct structural and functional unit but as an integral part of the entire body, which is why the health of the eyes depends upon the health, energy and essence of peripheral organs. This parameter affects the vision of an individual directly.

An interesting point to note here is that there is an Acupuncture point UB-67(Zhiyin), situated at the outer corner of the nail of the 5th toe of our feet. But recently there was an experiment with the fMRI (functional MRI) which showed that stimulation of this point results in increased activity in the visual area of cerebral cortex in the brain where we recognize what eyes see. This was the level of the technique in medicine 5000 years ago. Our ancient practitioners of acupuncture described the physiology of this point as the eye brightening point.

I firmly believe that a holistic integrated approach is the need of the hour for best results and a total healing. When I say assimilation or integration, I mean integration of analytical knowledge with inherited knowledge from our ancient practitioners