Self Help

Retinitis Pigmentosa is the name given to group of hereditary eye disorders. There are at least 50 known different types of genes to cause this disease. No treatment is able to eliminate the responsible genes from the patient.

The question arises as how to make the improvement that lasts for long ? Actually this is the beauty of traditional medicine. We do not claim that the responsible genes will be eliminated. We know that not all patients having a positive genetic history suffer from the symptoms of such vision disorder; Besides this the degree and speed of vision loss also varies from patient to patient. This is because there are certain constitutional deficiencies, excesses and habits in the particular patient due to which the genetic disorder is effective in doing harm to the patient. This becomes evident as we examine the patient on the lines of Traditional and Vedic medicine.

Self help is of two types one is for those patients who suffer from advance loss of vision to the extent that it becomes a limiting factor for their activities. They visit this centre for treatment for at least for one course, aiming for recovery of lost vision.

At the end of one course patient is advised self help according to his/her body constitution. This self help refers to the pressing of certain acupressure points , dietary advice and breathing exercise besides some do's and don'ts. If the patient adheres to the advice, not only the improvement in vision  sustains but in some cases that it has been observed it further improves even.

The other types of patients are those who have been diagnosed this ailment recently but they do not have such limitations so they do not feel for an active treatment. But such patients want that disease do not progresses further. They can visit this place for at least one day. Such patients are also advised according to their body constitution and this helps in retarding the disease further and to some extent improving vision also.


REIKI AT SOLAR PLEXUX HELPS HEALING THE EYES (Please do under professional guidance)

CUPPING OVER THE EYES HELPS IN PREVENTING VISION LOSS (To be exercised under professional guidance)