Consultation is payable, has to be deposited in Bank Account willing to consult may request for Bank details

Treatment is based on Acupuncture harmoniously combined with the regenerative techniques.

There is a list of questions below patient has to reply these after I receive the reply a list of investigations will be advised can be done at your place after going through the all inputs will be able to tell you about possible outcome and expenses.

Please do not mail any investigation while replying the questions, investigations required will be mailed after receiving your reply to questions.

Before proceeding please read website in detail. If finally patient comes for treatment fee is adjustable otherwise no refund is made.


Please inform me following aspects-which are applicable to patient this a general

1. Name age address and phone no of patient.
2. How long patient is suffering from this disease.What was the first symtom noticed?
3. What type of treatment he has already taken including Acupuncture treatment.
4. Is there any family history of this ailment.
5. What about acuity of vision.(means how many lines you can read of eye chart from distance of 20 feet.)If patient is unable to read any line of eye chart from 20 feet try to get reading from minimum distance 10 feet or 2-3 feet.
6. since when this low vision is maintained.
7. What is near vision? can he read news paper easily?or headlines of news paper?Can patient do news paper reading of small fonts as well? Does patient feels eye fatigued in normal reading.
8. Does patient sees floaters if yes since when and what is the frequency and disturbance caused by floaters.
9. What is color vision?
10. Does patient feels difficulty in night.
11. Does patient feels difficulty in sunlight?
12. When patient is more comfortable day or night?

Any other difficulty in vision?

History of diabetes uncontrolled hypertension heart ailment epilepsy smoking and any other chronic ailment

Tongue photograph of patient This is for traditional diagnosis --it can be done simply at home by any camera and can be taken just by protruding tongue take a color photo scan and mail.

Is there any period in which vision deteorated very fast if yes please mention

Inform me all these aspects carefully so that I can guide you further.

Mail the questions at [email protected]