Ketan Sharma suffered from Macular degeneration

Ketan Sharma a young man in early thirties suffered from Macular degeneration with night blindness, first symptom observed was in the year 2006 .He visited this centre in the month of Feb,2013

A routine eye examination along with Fundus photo was advised.After careful evaluation of patient on lines of traditional Chinese medicine along with Modern medical diagnosis I found fair chances of improvement.

As I do in all patients his near vision was recorded just before first sitting .He was able to read with Parafoveal area means by tilting his eyes slightly letters up to N-18 size, and with direct vision he was even able to read N-36 size letters. Although in medical records it is only mentioned how much patient is able to read but here we ascertain by observing the patient, besides we also observe reading speed and compare it after the treatment course. Patient is also advised to observe how easy he/she is in reading and whether eyes fatigue or not on normal continuous reading.

As per treatment protocol first sitting was administered and results were satisfactory, he wanted to continue treatment for full course. At the end of 12 sittings following results again were observed-
According to patient he observed first symptom in the year 2006, and he has improved as his vision was upto the year 2009.
In the night vision he improved upto 70%-80%,
Color vision has improved up to 80%
Overall improvement in his activities 65%-75%
Reading comfortable both in reading speed, feeling of eye fatigued 75% less. with Parafoveal area he was able to read N-12 Size letters. And with direct vision able to read N-18 letters.

Follow up
Acupuncture points selected during the treatment were programmed for self help in a specific way. Observations are made during the treatment on these points and are programmed depending on response of patient which varies patient to patient due to variations in body constitution. These points are activated after a full course of treatment and help in sustaining the improvement. along with Medicine dispensed from here. He was also taught self help and dietary precautions.

After one year he has improved a lot ,and told me able to read novels news papers normally without any fatigue.

As per normal Modern medical standards this is not a small achievement