Unie Kuruppu From Melbourne, Australia

Mrs.Unie 69 years is suffering from retinitis pigmentosa, at this age her main complaints are very restricted visual field and difficulty in night vision.

As usual she contacted me through my web pages, and enquired about the duration of course, and expenses.

I advised her going for certain tests as perimetery and plane fundus photo as I do in all patients before promising of improvement. and cost of treatment.

But I received reply from her that doctors at Melbourne were reluctant to do these tests as they had no positive mind set for this treatment. I am reproducing lines from her e-mail-

"My ophthalmologist is not too keen on me seeking alternative treatment. However, I will see him soon and try to get as much information as possible"

I mailed her the following letter and advised her to show this to her doctor. It worked very well and she was investigated.

Dear Mrs.Unie kuruppu

It is same story every where, basically modern medicine doctors (I am also one) fail to understand that although other branches of science as physics, chemistry are one every where but heath care is not one and other systems of medicine are equally potent. and it is not the domain of only modern medicine.

Ask your doctor to find some time to study my web pages www.retinitis-pigmentosa.in and read the procedure link if he have some answers for this.
Acupuncture is complete system and is recognised by the WHO.


Ved Prakash Banga

This all I am reproducing because it is problem is faced by almost every patient. Finally Mrs.Unie arrived her with her husband she responded well from ther very first sitting ,16 days course was planned for her and at the end of course she feels 40%improvement in her night vision and nearly 100%improvement in her visual field what she fad before treatment.


Visual Field Test Before Treatment Right Eye


Visual Field Test After Treatment Right Eye


Visual Field Test Before Treatment Left Eye


Visual Field Test After Treatment Left Eye