Manoj From Kolkata, India Shares His Experiences

Mr. Manoj a business man form Kolkata came here for treatment.

He suffered from retinitis pigmentosa and cataract and his present vision was very poor dependent totally on others help for his day to day activities.

As per norms here his vision was checked and by testing near vision chart he was not able see any thing as it was a blank page for him. I was delighted to see him reading the N36 size letters after first sitting of treatment.

After a course of treatment he felt improvement in side the room much as compared to outside as he felt much glare in sun light it was advised to him to go for cataract surgery and report the results.

Before treatment he was unable to see even wall after 12days course of treatment he was able to see things like shoes and able to perform day to day activities and can read the headlines of newspapers.

Although at Acupuncture India Centre we have an effective treatment protocol for glair in the sunlight but it was first time this patient did not responded to satisfactory level. He improved only 25% in difficulties in sunlight as patient had cataract in both eyes he was advised for Modern Medicine treatment for the cataract and reports the results.