Treatment Experiences of Mrs. Ankita Bharadwaj

Ankita a newly wed came here for treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa, she had some visual symptoms but it was diagnosed after the marriage.

When she came here with her caring husband on 14 of March 2009, her main complaints were difficulty in seeing in the evening and at night so much so that she was having much difficulty in the late evening, besides she had diminished acuity of vision, her left eye vision was 6/18 and with the right eye vision was 6/6.She was feeling restricted sense in her visual fields.

Soon after the sitting she felt her visual acuity in the left eye improved to 6/12 .next day she was much cheerful as she told me that after the fist day treatment now she was able to time in the wall clock in the midnight when there was very dim light in the room, and her husband also confirmed it . She felt nearly normal at the ends of one course of 12 days confirming about 80%improvemnet in all her symptoms.This is the fastest improvement I have ever seen at my centre.












Mrs. Ankita Bhardwaj visited this clinic for 2nd course of treatment ,this time for improvement in central field of vision.

Following are the results of treatment visual field before treatment

Visual Field Test Before Treatment Right Eye


Visual Field Test After Treatment Right Eye


Visual Field Test Before Treatment Left Eye

Visual Field Test After Treatment Left Eye