(12) Then how do you claim your results are long lasting if you cannot eliminate the responsible gene from the body?


It is a good question. Actually genes of R.P are recessive. Further it means that in genetic disorders, there are two type of genes: dominant genes and recessive genes.

If any disease is due to dominant genes, it very difficult to manage and usually have a definite course.

Luckily RP genes are recessive. Have you not seen that all the members of the same family are not showing symptoms of this disease orit is not seen in many generations but affects a particular person?

Have you ever thought as to why disease is appearing in a particular person?

Actually the genetic factor is not solely responsible for the appearance of symptoms. There are some constitutional deficiencies in the body of the affected person due to which that gene can affect the eyes. In both the Chinese and Indian traditional systems of treatment, we can analyse these deficiencies and correct them.

This is contrast to Modern Medicine where we advise nutritional supplements to each and every one based on chemical analysis. Here we prescribe nutritional supplement in the form of herbs or advise a particular food based on constitution of the particular person. Likewise we can easily treat constitutional deficiency with acupuncture also and these help a lot of patients to feels a difference. If the constitutional deficiency is corrected, the same gene now stops affecting the retina. This seems unimaginable but it is true.If you go through the history of patients and their followups, you will see the truth.

Actually the medicine from the east is well known for correction of constitutional deficiencies or excesses. You might have seen a news item showing the effect of yoga in arresting a genetic disorder.