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2nd July 2005.

Ailment of the Eyes – No cause for fear

Eyes are the most precious gift to us by Mother Nature which enable us to see all the beautiful facets of Nature. However, due to some lapses or negligence on our part or some unfortunate causes or accident, we can lose our vision totally or our vision could diminish gradually, and this sometimes becomes incurable.

Now there is no cause for fear or worry if such problems of loss of vision occur due to any damage of the Retina, Macula or Optic Nerve. Even though there is no treatment in allopathy for many of these kinds of cases, there is treatment available in Chinese Acupuncture and the Vedic Shastras.

Chinese Acupuncture and methods from our ancient Vedic shastrashave been combined and a unique and integrated form of treatment has been developed for such eye diseases.

Dr. Ved Prakash Banga, an acupuncture practitioner from Dilshad Gardens, New Delhi, who has been practicing this method of treatment for the last 5 years, says that they first take the biography of the body of the patient to determine which of the five elements that our body is made up of, is deficient and has caused the problem. Once this is determined, they then try to correct it and treat the disease.

The eyes are first teatedand after that, the diseased retina, macula or optic nerve is given appropriate nutrition and then the affected area is given medicine application, acupuncture or light current for rectification.

Dr. Banga has treated dozens of patients with such serious eye ailments and made them well. Many of these patients had been discharged by AIMS, Delhi and other renowned hospitals, with the remark ‘No further intervention’.

Dr. Banga’s work in this area of treatment has won him recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Delhi Medical Association with encouragement to keep the good work going so that more patients would benefit and this method of treatment would be recognized in the world.

Perhaps this treatment could benefit you or someone you know.