Acu Eye Zone

Many diseases of Retina ,Macula and Optic nerve are treated at Acu Eye Zone.We have been successfully treating these ailments since the year 2000.

As a patient enquires about treatment ,we first ascertain his/her present visual status along with the presence of comorbidity, if any.

Based on these inputs, certain tests are advised which are usually -

  • Fundus photo plain
  • Angiography
  • O.C.T.
  • Routine eye examination.

These tests can be done at any equipped eye centre according to the convenience of the patient .

After receiving reports and patient's history , first we ascertain about possible outcomes and recovery of treatment .

This is a committed treatment and we give appointment to only one patient at a time.

We have successfully treated such patients ,many of which are now able to see this beautiful world again.

We feel proud telling you that our treatment outcomes have been published in many journals world-wide.