Acu Eye Zone

Usually when a patient with a serious eye disorder like Retinitis pigmentosa, Macular degeneration and Optic nerve atrophy scrolls through these web pages for the first time, he has already been told by an Ophthalmologist of repute, that there is no treatment or cure available for this ailment anywhere in the world.

'How do you claim that you have a treatment for this disorder when reputed hospitals have written off my case?' is usually the first question we are asked, and understandably so

Enamored with the glamour of big hospitals and costly state-of-the-art modern gadgets, the patients naturally do not believe that any one can bring about even a small change in their vision, let alone restore useful vision.

So it is natural and understandable that this centre frequently receives patients with very mixed feelings ridden with doubts and no optimism left in him for any improvement or restoring of useful vision. However, the fact remains, that after the first day of treatment, the mindset of the patients change after seeing changes in their vision for the better.

There is one simple and important fact to keep in mind. While other streams of science like physics, chemistry and biology are universal all over the world, it is not so with the field of medicine. Many civilizations, right from ancient times, have evolved their own effective ways of dealing with health care - our ancient Ayurveda (many Ayurvedic herbs are today being patented by the modern pharma industry) and Acupuncture to name a few. Many ancient systems in medicine have now been recognized by the World Health Organization as the latest modern equipment have undoubtedly shown evidence of the efficacy of these ancient medical disciplines.

Ophthalmology is no exception. Just as there are treatments and cures for certain eye diseases in Modern Medicine, there are also treatment and cures available in other ancient systems too.

A positive and welcome change is that currently, at least at some centers, acupuncture is being given a trial and ophthalmologists are giving this science a serious thought.

Successful treatments of such patients have revealed what can be achieved by scientifically combining the rich knowledge available in traditional medicine with that of modern medicine.

For any technique, it is no small achievement to cure patients whose cases had been declared untreatable or irreversible with only inevitable blindness, to be able to given them an opportunity to see this beautiful world once again.

I certainly do not take the whole credit of reinventing or developing this science. It is because of the deep understanding and research put in by our ancient and senior practitioners in this field, that it is now available for us to use and benefit from. The world has now begun to recognize this.

There is no claim of superiority of any one system of medicine over the other. If Modern Medicine has researched and developed health care to a certain advanced level, so too had the practitioners of ancient medicine researched and developed their systems in their own times. I firmly believe that both can be harmoniously incorporated in looking for a cure for any ailment (many of which still remain a mystery in spite of so much advancement in the field of modern medicine).

If healing is the aim of the medical profession, then all systems in medicine, eastern and western, must respect and learn from each other, assimilate and appreciate what is best in their mutual fields. This attitude and approach I feel will open new avenues and horizons in the field of Medicine as a whole.