In traditional system we treat  macular degeneration by first examining patient on the lines of Modern Ophthalmology through investigations as  OCT, Fundus Photo etc.

In next step patient’s body constitution is examined, as in traditional systems both Chinese and Ayurveda, eyes are not seen as isolated sense  organ but an organ which continuously interact with  all the  other peripheral organs such a liver, kidneys, urinary bladder etc. Further in Vedic Medical Astrology which is an important part of Ayurveda, universal energies are well defined  ,how these energies operate and affect  the  eyes  it is a very detailed subject. 

By carefully  examining we find out which peripheral organ is deficient in particular energy, then find ways through channels how to administer quantum of energy so that desired healing occurs.   

But in this particular case the story was different.This patient was in the best of health no energy deficiency  could be found by pulse or tongue diagnosis or by any other parameter. He got an injury on the left side of forehead eight years ago ,after subsiding inflammation due to injury he was not able to see properly form central  visual field of left eye.   

He came to this centre in the month of Jan 2020.I got him investigated,OCT revealed absence of foveal pit  and his visual acuity was 6/24 , besides he was perceiving less contrast, around 50% as compared to right eye

OCT Showing absence of Foveal Pit before treatment 

As  he was in perfect health so no planning for treatment could be done as we do in other patients ,only clue was he got injury on particular time .   

In Chinese  system of treatment there is concept of 24 hours organ clock.According to this  particular organs are active at a particular time ,12 main organs starting from 3A.M. are designated two hours duration in 24 hours.Between 3-5 A.M.  lungs are active and continuously followed by other organs in sequence with Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart ,etc  This fact is clinically proven and being used in Chinese Medicine.   

Clinically it is seen that injured organelle( in this case  Macula) carry the memory of active organ.He got injury at 9 hours IST. This time was converted to LMT and this time corresponded with Stomach activity hours.   

Now we had  to examine , if a particular energy channel of Stomach was flowing through eyes and if  we can manipulate this, this was possible .

After observing positive clinical response of first two sittings in which patient felt subjective response he was administered total 12 sittings of treatment 

  After 12 sittings of treatment OCT was again repeated to check improvement  .OCT revealed appearance of Foveal Pit ,earlier it was absent.

OCT showing appearance of Foveal Pit 

Besides, he got good improvement in acuity of vision ,which improved to 6/9 from 6/24 .Patient’s contrast perception was improved to 90% as compared to right eye.