डायबीटीज से क्षतिग्रस्त आँखो का इलाज करेगा मैग्नेटिक सेंसर

26th January 2005

Magnetic Sensor Treatment for Eye diseases caused by Diabetes

New Delhi – There has been an increase in patients suffering from Diabetes and High Blood Pressure due to our modern lifestyle. Diabetes acts as slow poison and its worst affects are on the eyes and kidneys. All kinds of treatments are being researched and developed to find a solution for this problem.

A team of of scientists from Ukraine in Europe who held an exhibition at Delhi ,they were invited by the Govt of India Ministry of Science . They came to know about the work done in the eye care by a Delhi based Dr. Ved Prakash Banga and after discussion signed a protocol to design an instrument , magnetic sensors, for treating such patients.

Dr. Banga says that, with this treatment, the damaged cells of the retina can be improved. Dr. Banga has also been treating different eye diseases with acupuncture. The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked him to do more work in this field.Dr. Banga has mentioned in his report to the WHO that he has successfully treated over a dozen patients with serious eye ailments and has rectified damaged cells in the retina and macula

The making and use of magnetic sensors for the treatment of eyes can benefit more patients.