It is possible to cure Incurable disease by Acupuncture System

The diseases which have been declared incurable by medical science have been possible to cure by Acupuncture, said Dr. Ved Prakash Banga, an acupuncture practitioner while addressing a gathering of patients at the Acupuncture Camp in G.T.B. Enclave Delhi. Nearly 60 patients were treated at the camp.

Acupuncture was born in China 5000 years ago, says Dr. Ved. It was unfortunate that the system has not been recognized in our Country by the Central Govt. The West Bengal Government however, has recognized the system and established Acupuncture Council. Dr. Ved Further says that human body is made of five elements and any disturbance in one element can create a disease.

We balance these elements by Acupuncture. He has cured many patients in this camp who were hopeless and had taken treatment from other pathies. One patient Saurabh, was unable to see with his left eye after an Injury. He tried many government hospitals but failed. Later, he was treated by Acupuncture and is now able to see to a great extent. Dr. Banga said that it the Government of India recognises the Acupuncture system, many patient will benefit. The treatment is quite cost effective and no medicine are required.